Tess and the Valkyries

Tess and the Valkyries, her female colleagues, are members of a military company called SRD. They provide services to enhance the military of friendly nations by training soldiers, delivering aircraft and equipment and is some cases fighting against terrorists. The Valkyries are accomplished, beautiful and talented, and play chamber music with Tess on the piano to benefit projects against human trafficking. Ably supported by Jake and the men in the team they endeavor to make the world a better place.

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Tess Turner, the main protagonist of the book series, is a military helicopter pilot, the daughter of a retired General. She is beautiful, aggressive and relentless, basically raised as a man. In Tess Awakening, she meets Jake, a brilliant CIA operative that saves her from committing a mistake that could have affected her career. Eventually, she leaves the Army and along with Jake establishes a military services company, Strategic Resources Development (SRD). She is also a martial arts expert and a marvelous classical pianist.

Jake Vickers, married to Tess, is a brilliant ex-CIA agent. He has an infallible memory and infinite patience with Tess. 

General Morgan Turner, retired, is Tess’s Father and now CEO of NTC, a manufacturer of advanced weapon systems.

Carmen Cabrera, helicopter pilot, a great friend of Tess’s and a top manager. 

Nicola Orsini, Carmen’s beloved, an Italian pilot, an expert in European weapons systems and an accomplished linguist.

Peter Brusilov, retired Russian Colonel and legendary pilot. Demanding and abrasive, he trains the Valkyries to fly jet fighters.

Galina Kutuzova, Russian helicopter pilot and database expert. 

Alexander Ivanovich Tukhachevsky, Alex Tuck for short, Russian weapons specialist. 

Claudine Bisson, head of SRD in Paris.

Eva Bar-Lev, Mossad Agent​ and replacement for Claudine.

Yasmin Badawi, a Syrian archeologist, prisoner if ISIS, later a member of SRD. 

Ifeyinwa Idigbe Ukume, called Alice, a Nigerian detective.

Giuliana Malatesta, Italian pilot with a secret.

George Kimmel, a military intelligence professional.

Ken Ross, a crack sniper and top manager. 

Joe Slezak, Information Technology Manager. ​

Gertrude Muller, called Trudy, is an Argentinian opera singer and Joe Slezak's lover 

 John Powers, Weapons Specialist. 


Amir al-Saadi, an Iraqi General. Brilliant, wealthy and complicated, he becomes obsessed with Tess and pursues her relentlessly in the first two books, Tess Awakening and Tess Valkyrie.

Fadime, Amir's sister, also complicated, complicit in his crimes.

Kemal, Amir’s factotum, does the dirty work for him. 

​Laurent Belcour, former Head of the International Development Organization (IDO). Charming and degenerate.

Bertrand Dubois, a pimp working with Laurent Belcour, aka Bert the Pimp.


Vaughn Wentworth, renowned Classical conductor in love with Tess.


 Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and possibly Wall Street.

Enjoy reading about the adventures of Tess in this exciting series